10 Most expensive private jets in the world

For those dreaming of flying in or affording a private jet it might be hard to imagine someone putting a title on a jet as the most expensive in the world. Some would be thankful just to be able to fly in one let alone own a private aircraft. When it comes to private jets you have to realize that you’re entering a whole different world. These business owners, VIP’s, millionaires or even billionaires are used to a level of luxury most can’t imagine and sometimes having a private jet just simply isn’t enough.

We’ve written stories about a $500 million jet from a Saudi Prince, to Asian millionaires paying $1 million just to kit out the interior of his aircraft, but we had to figure out which jets really were the most expensive in the world. We did some digging and found a great video on YouTube. It’s from Alux.com and we’re sure you’re going to like it.

In the video they called these aircraft “hotels of the sky” – we simply couldn’t put it better any other way. Number 10 on the list is a Boeing 737 which is estimated to have cost the anonymous entrepreneur a whopping $80 million dollars. With prices starting at almost $100 million we knew the list was going to be very big! We shortly realized that you’d probably not want to read what we have to say and rather watch the video.

However were going to spoil it a little bit for you and say that the most expensive jet is in fact the one we mentioned in our info graphic published earlier this month. This airplane is owned by a Saudi prince who is believed to have a net worth of over $26 billion. The jet of choice was none other than the Airbus A380 and when you watch the video you’ll see just how big of an aircraft it really is.

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