About Us

Whilst writing this “About Us” page our website is just over 8 months old and looking back, we’ve come very far! Initially Private jets for sale in South Africa (probably the longest website name in the aircraft industry ever) was just a small dream, created to help businesses in South Africa sell more aircraft.

However recent events and changes in our own business lead us to change the way we operate this website. As always we plan on providing as much value as possible to our visitors whether it be in the form of informational pages about specific aircraft, blog posts regarding the latest aviation happenings or helping them find an aircraft they are searching for.

So what if you’re looking for a specific aircraft or want to see a price list of all the aircraft we have available? We get a lot of those emails… We’ll, sit tight; we’re working on partnering with some local aircraft brokers to provide you with great services side by side with South Africa’s top aviation specialists.

At the moment we’re working on different angles to make the website as noteworthy and useful to every visitor the lands on any of our pages…

If you provide any aircraft specified services and like to partner with us be sure to send us an email at sales@privatejetsforsaleinsouthafrica.co.za.

Thanks for visiting our website!