Asian business aircraft market growing at rapid rate – Part 2

Asian private jet markets are growing at a very positive rate and expected to grow to well over 15% of the total business aircraft market in the next few years. We did another article on the Asian market so this one is part two where we will be providing even more information on the original article from Bloomberg. Be sure to read our previous post if you’re not sure what we’re talking about. However if you were looking for private jets for sale in South Africa check out this page before reading the rest of the article.

Getting back to Asian millionaires, how they are on the rise and love to buy private jets. These jets can cost millions of dollars and often times buyers even have some modifications made before delivery. According to Bloomberg some buyers have manufacturers add state of the art entertainment systems and even add Swarovski crystals to the ceiling of the aircraft – talk about being a big spender…

According to Design Q, a consultancy firm catering to these individuals, Asian private jet owners are like no other markets around. These buyers typically come from a specific group of business owners and like to purchase jets with long range capabilities. The Bombardier Global 5000 (over $50 million cost) can often be a popular choice.


Chinese buyers used to go with a traditional style of interior but has since then been influenced by the West and their different way of thinking. They are now going for a different kind of design and like to incorporate different design elements in their private jet’s interior.

Jackie Wu from Jet Solution Aviation Group in Hong Kong definitely has a few interesting stories to tell when it comes to providing services for customers. He says he’s currently working with a client who paid over $1 million just to make the interior of his Gulfstream G550 match that of a Ferrari because red and black are his wife’s favorite colors. You could actually afford an older, used private jet model for around $1 million so this gives you an idea of how much money these entrepreneurs really have. It is kind of understandable that these customers would want this level of luxury in the personal aircraft as in their lives their only used to dining and staying at five star accommodations all the way – why not travel with the same level of luxury.

And don’t forget to mention gold, I’m sure there are a few clients that want gold plated accessories in their private jets – wouldn’t you want the same?