King Air 200 For Sale South Africa

If your looking for a bigger aircraft compared to the other smaller models Beechcraft has available the King Air 200, part of the 200 and 300 series which was also dubbed “Super King Airs”, might just be what your looking for. This aircraft has a twin turbo propelled engine and first took flight in 1972 and has gained a lot of popularity for use under the United States Army, Air force and Australia’s Royal flying Doctor service. It is said that over 3000 units have been build to date and costs around the $5 million range and up. To read the Super King’s full history, how it initially started, different models, military use, specifications and more read the Wikipedia article here. To find one for sale in South Africa use to contact information listed below.

king air 200 for sale south africa

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Unfortunately we couldn’t find a video from Beechcraft itself showcasing¬†it’s airplane’s in the usual fashion but we found one from an aircraft enthusiast we know you’ll like. See it below…

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