King Air 90 For Sale South Africa

The Beechcraft King Air 90 is part of the Beechcraft’s twin turbo propelled ranged of airplanes being the smaller version of the King air range. Being first called the Model 120 in 1961 the 100 series first took flight in 1963. Whilst this aircraft has a very rich history we’d much rather you read it from another trusted source. To read this aircraft’s full history, the different models that were built over the years, airplanes developed for the military and more read the Wikipedia article here. If your looking for a new or used version for sale in South Africa contact us using the information listed below.

King Air 90 For Sale South Africa

More information below:

We just love the video’s BC makes, it’s almost as good as a complete video review and showcases all the aspects of the airplane model in question.

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