Bombardier Challenger for sale South Africa

The Challenger series of aircraft at categories in the business jets or airplane category from Bombardier. Originally these range of airplanes were part of Canada Air which Bombardier acquired a few years ago. Currently they focus on producing the Challenger 350 & 650 which form part of their business aircraft range. You can find out more about this aircraft’s history, different models like the 300, 350, 604, 650 and more at the Wikipedia article here. To find a Bombardier Challenger airplane for sale in South Africa use the contact information listed below. More information on individual aircraft models coming soon…

Price ranges include:

300 series: $20 million

600 series: $25 million

800/850 series: $32 million

challenger for sale south africa

More information below:

Below you’ll find a review about the 300 model from CFM aircraft where they talk about the interior, seating arrangements and more. If your looking to purchase a medium size business jet this is a great video to look at and get a better idea what this airplane has to offer.

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