Cessna 206 For Sale In South Africa

The 206 is part of a range of single engine aircraft Cessna built which included the 205 & 207. This particular aircraft is also called the Skywagon with the 205 and 207 named the Super Skywagon and Super Skylane. It first took flight in 1962 and had over 8000 aircraft of this particular model built in its time. Today the 206 is a very popular airplane for personal as well as commercial use (very popular among Alaskan companies) and comes with fixed landing gear. As always if you’d like to find out more about this aircraft’s history, different models & variations, specifications, performance, turbo versions and more you can read the complete Wikipedia article here. To find a Cessna 206 for sale in South Africa use the contact information listed below.

cessna 206 for sale south africa

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Here’s an interesting video you’ll enjoy… The pilot calls this river bar hopping, I wonder what that means?

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