Private Jet Charter South Africa: Villiers Jets Review

Private Jets can be a mysterious world for those who have never flown in them. When some people see these types of aircraft land in an airport or on television, they tend to assume that the jet is owned by a celebrity, billionaire or wealthy foreign dignitary.

Although there are an elite few that own and operate their private jets, many of these aircraft are chartered and very often used for business and leisure. Another wrong assumption many often make is that private jets are so expensive that only the richest of the rich can afford them.

The truth of the matter is, you don’t need to be as rich as Donald Trump to afford private jet chartering, it might even end up being cheaper than other types of flights depending on how you intend to use it.

In this review, I’ll show you the ins and outs of this once elite travel class, explain its benefits and demonstrate how easy it is to fly this way with Villiers Jets.

Private Jet Charter vs. Commercial Flights

If you are in need of a high-quality flying experience, then it is highly likely that your choices will boil down to two options: Private jet charter and first-class commercial flights. Consider the following before you rule out any option.


When comparing the pricing, a private jet charter will seem more expensive than a first-class seat on a commercial plane. However, before you rule it out completely, keep the following in mind with regards to pricing. If you rent a place on a commercial aircraft and want to bring someone else, you will pay double the cost for both seats. If you want to bring let’s say seven other people with you, then you may end up spending up to thousands of Rands or Dollars depending on where you are located on a commercial flight. Whereas on private jets, whether you are flying alone or have seven other people traveling with you, the cost will remain the same per hour.


The amenities offered on a private jet charter are lush when compared to the ones in a commercial flight. VIP catering is available on almost all private jet charters which can’t even be compared to commercial flight food. Champagne is also available accompanied with a wide variety of soft drinks, coffee, and tea. The nature of private jet charters can also allow you to request any amenity to be available during the flight. While first-class commercial flights may also include facilities of their own, they are nowhere at the level or personalization of private jet charters.


To some, private jets may seem somewhat excessive like a yacht or a mansion. However, what makes private jet chartering even more economical is the time factor of an individual. Commercial flights only have access to the largest airport in a state or country. If let’s say a traveler requires to fly to attend a meeting that is located well outside the nearest metropolitan area, he or she will have to include some significant driving time from the airport to the meeting location. However, private jets can land at smaller airports thereby getting most of their clients to their destination much faster. Additionally, travelers who fly using private jet charters don’t have to queue up in long security lines that are usually present at large airports.

Villiers Global Private Jet Charter Review

Villiers Jets is one of the top private jet chartering organizations available today. It has the largest global private jets network which is based in more than 40 countries, with access to more than 7,000 air crafts worldwide. The organization has dedicated agents who work around the clock to ensure that their clients remain satisfied. If you need a VIP private jet charter for business or personal use, Villiers Jets will make sure that they get you connected as soon as possible and after you’ve made and confirmed your booking, you will be flying within a matter of hours.

Villiers Jets also ensure that their clients can save both time and money when flying on their private jets as they help each client to find out which of their 7,000 available jets would suit them best. Be sure that you will receive professional service and travel in luxury and comfort!

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Benefits of flying with Villiers Jets’ private jet charter service

While there are many private jet chartering services available in South Africa and the rest of the world not many, come close to what Villiers Jets can offer. Here are the main advantages of their service:

=> You explore the best aircraft options for your journey with dedicated brokers available throughout the day to assist you.

=>You will receive the most competitive pricing based on quotes generated from one of the widest networks of private jet charter operators.

=>You will be able to fly from and to a network consisting of regional and local airports that are broader than any other commercial flight arriving closer to your destination.

=>You will be given full access to dedicated check in facilities and separate terminals.

=>You will be able to enjoy customized on board catering services.

=>For a fraction of the standard price, you will be kept up to date with regular opportunities that allow you to fly privately.

How to book a private jet charter flight with Villiers Jets

To book a private jet charter flight with Villiers Jets is easy. Here’s how:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Complete a short form on the main page that will ask you details such as; where you are traveling from and to, date and time of your trip, number of passengers, and aircraft options.

Step 3: Once you have filled out the required information, click o search, and a new window will appear giving you several aircraft options that closely match your requirements. You can then choose from the options provided and then click on ‘Get Quote’ to the one you feel most comfortable.

Step 4: You can then proceed to confirm your quote request and fill out your name and contacts (email and phone number). Afterward, the support team at Villiers Jets will get in touch with you as soon as possible and fill you in on how you can proceed with the booking and payment.

What is the JetClub from Villiers Jets?

villiers jet review

The JetClub is a new service that is available exclusively on Villiers Jets. It offers a new and unique approach to the ad-hoc private jet charter by instantaneously connecting you with other private jet users in the Villiers Jets community so that you can share flights with them and minimize the cost of a journey.

The service will allow you to significantly reduce the price of chartering an aircraft by allowing other like-minded individuals to purchase the seats that remain unused in your chartered private jet. A dedicated Villiers charter expert is available 24/7 to assist you in making such arrangements.

Visit the Villiers website to find out more about the Jet Club here

Locations served include Cape Town, Johannesburg, Gauteng, Rest of South Africa, London and much more.