Cirrus SR20 for sale South Africa

The SR20 first took flight in 1995 and is currently priced at around $350 000 in 2015. Compared to other competitors in the market such as Cessna and Beechcraft this aircraft is still very young but don’t let that fool you. Cirrus built this airplane to be one of the first aircraft designed with a built in parachute. The parachute is built to deploy if the pilot or aircraft loses control and to help guide it slowly to the ground. Further specifications include it having a piston engine and being able to seat 4-5 people depending on the aircraft variation your flying in. Different variations include of this airplane include the SR20 G2, G3, SRV,  Avidyne, GTS and T-53A. To read this airplane’s full history, specifications, design elements, performance and more find the Wikipedia article here. To find a Cirrus SR20 (new or used) for sale in South Africa use the contact information listed below.

cirrus sr20 for sale south africa

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Here’s a great video from a pilot taking this airplane (2014) for a spin, telling you exactly what he thinks about the aircraft and more. It’s a typical review which we, if your a potential buyer or new or used aircraft, we think you’ll like. He calls it a flight evaluation… See below: