Cirrus SR22 for sale South Africa

The Cirrus SR22, a variation of the SR20, first took flight in 2001 and has since then built more the 4000 models of this aircraft. A new model currently is priced at around $490 000 (2015) and has the capability of seating 4-5 people with it’s single engine composite design. After the SR20 it is design to have a larger fuel capacity and more power enabling it to travel longer distances. This particular aircraft is popular all over the world especially in South Africa, United States (USA), the UK and rest of Europe which is no shock as since 2004 its been the best selling aircraft in the single engine range. It also comes equipped with the parachute emergency system which help made Cirrus the popular aviation brand it is today. Over the past 14 years of its production many variants of the aircraft have been built like the G5, GTS, GTS Turbo, G3 GTS, SR22T, G2, Preço, Fiyat and Carbon.

If you’d like to read more about it’s design and development, a full history, performance & specifications, the cockpit, turbo models and other variants take a look at the Wikipedia article here. To find a Cirrus SR22 for sale in South Africa (new or used / pre-owned) use the contact information listed below.

Cirrus SR22 for sale South Africa

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Below you’ll am instructional video from 2014 showing you how to fly this aircraft. Please note, only the basics are included but it’s still useful if your looking to buy this airplane.

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