How a couple chartered a jet for $0

We all know buying or chartering private jets costs money, that’s as clear as the skies are blue. So when we saw an article about someone claiming to have flown on a private jet for free, we just had to investigate further. I can imagine that 1 of 3 things are happening here: the couple featured in the article flown in a private jet owned by a friend, they won some kind of holiday package / trip competition that included a private jet flight, they are simply lying or they actually did manage to fly at absolutely zero costs.

It’s hard to believe the latter as a private plane has many running costs involved from maintenance, to fuel and paying the pilot. We’re trying not to be to judgmental, as the article was published on a reputable news website, The Daily Mail in the UK, so we’d imagine they wouldn’t post make up stories. Or maybe this is just a simple click bait tactic where they partnered with a private jet chartering company to get them some publicity. Before I get carried away too much, let’s get started. The article published in the Daily Mail is called “Economy will never feel the same again! Savvy travelers reveal how they flew from Boston to Washington in a $23million private jet for FREE”. I mean the title screams fake, but let’s take a closer look.

The private jet being mentioned in the article is called a Citation X, we’ve added a picture of the aircraft below.


The lucky couple that got to experience the private jet culture was Gilbert Ott, and Laura Burns (married). Ott is actually a travel blogger and owns a website where he blogs about his travel adventures, posts photos and shows people how to save money when traveling. So it seems that Ott and Laura didn’t scam their way to an article on Daily Mail, in fact they used smarts to fly completely free from Boston to Washington, DC in the Citation X. The private jet flight would have cost them over $1000 but somehow they managed to use coupons and vouchers to get the flight at $0.

Ott and Laura we’re very pleased with the flight, seeing as it’s their first private jet experience they loved the views, luxury and freedom that came with the flight. We’ve heard of people getting flight discounts using things like voyager miles and early bookings so we can believe this story. They actually got the deal by using the JetSmarter App which we recently did an article about.

So there you have it, it’s still possible to experience a private jet, even if you’re strapped for cash. We’re not saying you’ll be able to do this every time, but who knows, maybe you’ll be flying for free in a private jet next time. Find out more about private jets at