Gulfstream G150 for sale South Africa

The Gulfstream G150 is based of the G100 series which was originally called the Astra SPX. This aircarft was designed as an next generation G100 improving on certain aspects of the previous aircraft model’s design. Other variants include the G111 or as some might call it the G1. The G150 is smallest in the Gulfstream range of aircraft and can hold up to 8 passengers with sleeping accommodation for up to 3. If your looking for an entry level business jet at the top end of luxury this will be the perfect fit. If you’d read more about this aircraft, it’s history, specifications and performance to see the Wikipedia article here. To find a Gulfstream G150 for sale in South Africa and to find out more about pricing use the contact information listed below.

gulfstream g150 for sale south africa

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Like we mentioned above this is an excellent entry level business airplane. The video below will show you exactly how it looks inside, the seating arrangement, showcase it’s sleek white interior and state of the art controls.

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