Gulfstream G280 for sale South Africa

The G280 is next in line after the G150 with slightly more sleeping space (5 people) and room for up to 10 passengers. This aircraft first took flight in 2009 and is part of Gulfstream’s business jet airplane range. This specific aircraft model came a long way as it was originally designed from development and improvement of previous G200 & G250 models. Take a look at this aircraft’s specifications, performance and history over at the Wikipedia page here.┬áTo find a Gulfstream G280 for sale in South Africa and to find out more about pricing use the contact information listed below.

Here’s an example of the airplane’s interior in the picture below.

gulfstream g280 for sale

More information below:

If your serious about purchasing this aircraft this video will definitely be of help. It’s from a different aircraft sales company taking you through this airplane’s specifications and more…

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