Gulfstream G450 for sale South Africa

The G450/350 is a variant of the GV or GIV range of aircraft which Gulfstream has been producing since 1985. It’s a very popular aircraft in their business jet range as it has sold over 500 units till date. Each model is priced around $30 million and up having some added functionality which comes with the G500 such as a cursor control system, EVS and a special cockpit screens.  It is a lot bigger than the G280 and has the capability to seat up to 19 passengers and travel over 8000 kilometers. If you’d like to read about this aircraft’s history, design and development, performance, specifications and more visit the Wikipedia page here. To find a Gulfstream G450 for sale in South Africa use the contact information listed below.

gulfstream g450 for sale

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Here’s a review you’ll like, however keep in mind that the video is a bit old and the company has improved on some of the specifications mentioned by the presenter.

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