Gulfstream G550 for sale South Africa

The G550 was introduced to the aviation industry in 2004 and has over 300 models sold till this date. Prices for this model range around $40 million with a travel distance of up to 12000 kilometers and seating for 8 passengers. Specifications are very similar to the G500 series with some exception to engine size and a few other variants. This particular model was originally a variant of the Gulfstream¬†V range. This model is very popular choice for business private jets in South Africa. You can read about it’s history, different models, performance and more at the Wikipedia article here.¬†To find a Gulfstream G550 for sale in South Africa use the contact information listed below.

gulfstream g550 for sale

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Here’s a video going into detail about the interior and seating arrangement of the G550 which will definitely help any buyer make the right decision.

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