Gulfstream G650 for sale South Africa

The G650 is at the top of it’s class in the business private jet range of aircraft from Gulfstream. It first took flight in 2009, had over 100 units built since then and is priced at $60 million and up. This aircraft model, also called the GVI, is one of the largest and fast airplane models of its kind with the next generation twine engine jet design. Different variants include the G650 ER series which has greater fuel capacity and the ability to travel longer distances.

This aircraft is truly at the height of business airplane industry and whether you decide to buy a new or used model you won’t regret it. If you’d like to learn more about the G650’s history, how it was designed / developed, specifications and the aircraft’s performance you can read the Wikipedia article here. Other aircraft competing with this jet’s specifications and performance include the Bombardier Global and Embraer Lineage 1000.

To find a Gulfstream G650 for sale in South Africa and to find out more about pricing & specifications use the contact information listed below.

gulfstream g650 for sale South Africa

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Here’s a video from Ogara Jets providing you with a complete walk through of this top of the class aircraft. You’ll see more of it’s interior, cockpit, design and find a lot of great buyer related information.

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