Jackie can afford high prices jets!

All-time favorite action star Jackie Chan has recently been featured online after purchasing a brand new private jet. As one of the most popular chines action stars it’s no doubt that the actor can afford to fly in a business jet. We did some research and realized that Jackie Chan has been flying private jets for a long time.  It seems that there are YouTube videos of Jackie going back well over 3 years helping promote Embraer and their Legacy jet ranges. Here’s a video from Jackie Chan promoting the Embraer 650 in 2012.

NextShark did an article on Jackie Chan as he recently purchased a $20 million dollar private jet from Embraer called the Legacy 500. From the looks of it, his jet has all the bells and whistles and boasts with top class just about everything. The article about Jackie can be seen here “Inside Jackie Chan’s Brand New $20 Million Private Jet”. According to NextShark Jackie is the first ever Chinese customer to own a Legacy 500, an aircraft some believe to be of the highest quality in within private jets. As previously mentioned, Jackie did a bunch of videos for Embraer of which he’s ambassador of as well.

Jackie Chan airplane

Jackie loves the Embraer jet brand and say he’s looking forward to flying in his new private jet. He generally uses his jet to travel around the world in support of charities and philanthropic work he does. The private jet also provide a great office / home / relaxing space for when he is traveling. This private jet has many features and comes equipped with latest aviation technology. It can seat 12 passengers but can also be changed up to allow for more space within the jet.

We have to admit this new private jet of Jackie looks very cool! It has a sleek sliver paint job and the interior looks like something out of a presidential suite. Be sure to view images of Jackie’s new jet by visiting the original article link as mentioned above. It’s safe to say that this private jet is well worth the price, however if you’re in need of a private jet be sure to look at our private jet prices in South Africa.