The Luxury lifestyle in Dubai

What comes to mind when thinking about Dubai? How about private jets, fast cars, pent houses, gold and oil? We’ll one thing is for certain oil makes money and these Dubai VIP’s have a lot of it. We decided to take a closer look at the lives of these millionaires, their super cars, private jets and how they live at a level of luxury some of us can only dream of.

In the video they talk about the “Billionaire Boys of Dubai” and once you’ve watched the video you’ll see exactly what I mean. The amount of super cars driving around Dubai is absolutely insane – watch the video below to see what I’m talking about.

However let’s forget about supercars for a moment and talk about luxury private jets. It’s hard to understand why someone would try and differentiate between private jets and luxury private jets. Once you’ve stepped into almost any private jet you’ll be wowed with extravagant interiors and luxury like you haven’t experienced before. These Dubai Millionaires love their fast cars, but can they afford private jets? I mean there is somewhat of a price difference between those two products.

After doing some digging into the luxury private jet world of Dubai we found a documentary on YouTube where they explore Dubai and the level of luxury some of its residents experience. They have dubbed Dubai the most luxurious place to visit in the world. Take a look…

It seems that Dubai might be the location for the modern day gold rush after all. With the amount of dollar signs floating around, deals being struck, skyscrapers being build and luxury jets being bought one can’t hope but feel drawn to the Dubai. What do you think about Dubai, would you want to live there?

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