Malibu crashes with minor injuries in the USA

A few months ago a Piper Malibu was involved in an airplane crash at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh in the United States.  The crash happened early in the morning and was of such a nature that the airport temporarily had to close the airspace for over 3 hours. Apparently it there was immense black smoke coming from the Piper Malibu. Luckily all the passengers on board the aircraft had survived with most only suffering minor injuries and one passenger needing to be airlifted to the hospital via a helicopter. Another innocent bystander of the ground was also injured during the crash according to the FAA.

Reports stated that the Piper Malibu was coming in for a landing when the airplane crashed. According to the original report it might seem that the Malibu’s engine caught on fire. Strange enough most of the aircraft is still in one piece with only one wing being slightly damaged due to the crash.

Here’s a video covering the incident with more exact details.

You can read the original article on Flying Mag over here “Piper Malibu Crash Temporarily Closes Oshkosh”.

We wish we had more information regarding the exact reason for the crash but we’ll try and update this post if any new information comes to light. We’re just thankful that all the passengers were alive and well, also we like the fact that the Piper Malibu is still intact – as airplanes don’t come cheap.

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