Piper For Sale South Africa

Piper airplanes was originally started in 1927 by Clarence and Gordon Taylor. This company has a rich history from changing names, to filing for bankruptcy, interesting ownership and becoming one of the most well known aircraft brands in the world. It is said that Piper has produced over 100 000 aircraft in the years it has been operating. If you’d like to read the complete history of this aircraft manufacturer you should read their Wikipedia article here.┬áPiper has manufactured many different airplane models during it’s time of operation with a few being very popular in South Africa. Currently their M-Class, including the M 600 / M 500 / M350 / Mirage / Matrix, and the Seneca together with some of their training models are very popular and well known.

Here are some of the┬áPiper aircraft models we have for sale in South Africa. If the model / version you are looking for is not listed below please don’t hesitate to contact us as we might still be able to help you find your aircraft. You can find them listed below:

piper aircraft for sale south africa

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