Robinson R22 Helicopters for sale in South Africa

The Robinson R22 is seen as one of the best modern day helicopters of its kind. It’s a simple but also very practical flying machine. A person can find Robinson R22 Helicopters for sale in South Africa, new and second hand / used anywhere from $180 000 and up. Prices will vary so we urge you to contact our representative to get more information. The aircraft has made it possible for individuals to have a personal flying vehicle that can do almost exactly the same as a normal every day car.

Robinson R22 for sale in South Africa

The Robinson R22, which is a two seat helicopter, was designed by Frank Robinson who set out to take the world by storm in the early 1970’s with his designs. Today Robinson’s company is a multi million dollar company well known for its simplistic but yet practical helicopter designs. The R22 is built with lower cost and less maintenance in mind. One of the ways Frank designed it was by stripping it of all the unnecessary parts and making the helicopter as light as possible. This enables the R22 to run on a very small engine, making it very reliable and ensures it lasts longer.

To find out more about the Robinson R22, benefits, specs (specifications), different models (Beta, Beta 2, Beta ii), costs & pricing, and to find or buy one for sale in South Africa (new or used) contact our representatives below.

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