Robinson R44 Helicopter For Sale In South Africa

The Robison R44 helicopter is the bigger brother of the R22. Over 6000 units of the R44’s have been manufactured with the first one being built in the early 90’s. This particular model is very popular amongst aircraft enthusiasts no wonder everyone is looking for a Robison R44 for sale in South Africa. Some of the reasons it’s so popular is because it’s a relatively cheap helicopter to own, coming in at around $400 000 and up for a basic model compared to other turbine powered helicopters costing over $1 000 000. Although running and maintenance costs can vary the R44 definitely has lower costs as compared to its closest competitors. This particular version is popular all over the world including Canada, Australia and the UK. It’s available in a few different models with the Astro, Clipper, Clipper ii, Raven and the Raven 2/ii being the most well known.

Robinson R44 for sale in South Africa

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