The fastest long range private jets available

We get a lot of questions regarding specifications of jets, besides from costs; customers usually want to find out how many passengers a jet can take, the distance it can travel without refueling and how quick it can get there. We started doing some research and got the idea of writing a post to determine which private jet can travel the fastest over long range distances. We found an article from Barrons about “Jets for the Long Haul” and thought we’d build on that. Granted the post is from 2012 so some of the information might be slightly out of date however it will still give you a good idea what’s available in the market.

Large long range jets are becoming very popular with big corporations as it enables them to enter foreign markets and travel to overseas destinations within a matter of hours. As you could imagine this makes for very efficient travel and usually means more money or profit for the business. A few benefits that these long range private jets bring range from the obvious of saving it’s passengers huge amounts of time, providing a level of luxury as many top executives don’t want to fly commercial airlines and provides a manner of security / exclusivity allowing these individual to operate under the radar without the prying eyes of the press. However all these amazing benefits come at a price?

Not all private jets have the capability to travel long range distances so customers should be willing to pay between $40 million and upwards to $60 million for these jets. The other thing to keep in mind is that flying these aircraft and traveling thousands of miles means maintenance, pilot cost and a lot of fuel. Experts believe that for top of the class individuals flying an average of 400 hours per year in their long range jets this could amount to an additional $2-$3 million running costs, the price of smaller private jets.

So you’ve heard all the benefits and the expected costs but which aircraft models meet these price ranges and can actually perform as mentioned? There are two great names that manufacture aircraft models meeting these specifications: Gulfstream Aerospace & Bombardier Aerospace. Gulfstream’s G650 is currently the winner in this category as the jet with the longest range capabilities. The G650 can travel 7000 nautical miles and reach speeds of over 600 knots. Another model from Gulfstream with great specifications is the G550 that can travel distances of up to 6,820 nautical miles at 459 knots.

*Update: The G650ER can now travel up to 7500 nautical miles.

Gulfstream G50ER


When it comes to Bombardier their Global private jet range is also within the top 5 fastest long range private jets. The Bombardier Global 5000 can travel distances of up 5200 nautical miles to and reach speeds 500 knots.

Bombardier Global 500